May 13-15, 2010  

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Sermon on the 'Mount' with internationally known cowboy Lew Sterrett of Miracle Mountain Ranch in PA is truly a one-of-a-kind presentation you must see to believe. Attendees marvel as Sterrett uses horses in various stages of training to bring his heartfelt relationship illustrations.

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The purpose of the Sermon on the 'Mount' is to help folks understand how healthy relationships develop and how each of us can experience harmony and success in our own lives. Sterrett accomplishes this by showing how a trainer's character with a horse's trust and sets the stage for future success in all areas of training. Sermon on the 'Mount' uses Biblical principles demonstrate loving, successful-horse interaction.

Horse enthusiasts and non-horse enthusiasts alike find this special presentation highly entertaining, encouraging and uplifting for their personal lives. Our goal with bringing Sermon on the 'Mount' is to help the greater Oklahoma City area come to deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through this thought provoking correlation of a horse and his master and our relationship with our Master. Counselors will also be on sight for any decisions made during the event.

We invite you to come see this amazing presentation like none you have ever seen.

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