May 13-15, 2010  

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A Personal History of Lewis Sterrett

Growing up on a farm in southeastern Pennsylvania, Lew was not only familiar with many animals but had a special affection for horses. Getting involved in 4-H at the earliest opportunity, he benefited from being in the 4-H horse programs. Under the nurturing of owners and breeders Lew gained many opportunities to train, show, and attain national recognition. Later while attending Penn State University majoring in the animal industry field, Lew had opportunity to learn from qualified trainers and educators. The Lord used the time at Penn State University to get Lew's attention in another way and to redirect his focus. After coming to know the Lord and dedicating his life, Lew forsook all his horse associations and sought Bible training in preparation for ministry.

Upon acquiring that training and marrying in 1975, he and his wife moved to southern California where they instructed in a Christian equine college. The Lord used that time to emphasize more keenly the needs of people and the benefits of practical vocational training. In 1977 Lew and Melodie returned to northwestern Pennsylvania to assume the directorship of Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions, located 40 miles southwest of Erie. Although formerly just a summer youth camp, the ministry has grown over the last several years to become a full fledged Christian Training Center, which oversees a summer youth camp, a year round intense leadership training program, weekend seminars and training, a counseling based ministry, and many avenues of outreach to both secular and sacred audiences as well as to specific horse and school groups. Lew has also been heavily involved in promoting safety in public riding groups internationally.

During the course of these years a ministry entitled "Sermon On The Mount" developed as a means to communicate basic relational principles that govern all human relationships. This dynamic means of using horses to illustrate relational principles became an effective way to encourage parents, to strengthen young people, and to motivate others to build their lives on godly biblical truths. These presentations have been effective in the lives of many people as a help to understand the difference between training and teaching, how to use effective methods, and how to understand the perimeters of love i.e. balanced discipline. Subjects relating to faith, virtue, self-control, character, conquering defeating habits, or defining significant life purposes are presented. By using one to four horses, each session captivates the interest of all age groups.

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