May 13-15, 2010  

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Internationally Known Cowboy Brings Popular
Sermon On The ‘Mount’ Event to Central Oklahoma

**Your family is cordially invited to attend this special FREE presentation.**

What is the Sermon on the 'Mount'®?
Lew Sterrett's Sermon on the 'Mount'® is truly a remarkable presentation you must see to believe. You will marvel as Sterrett uses horses in various stages of training to bring his heartfelt relationship illustrations.

The purpose of the Sermon on the 'Mount'®: is to help men, women, and children understand how healthy relationships develop and how you can experience harmony and success in your life. The Sermon on the 'Mount' uses Biblical principles to demonstrate loving, successful trainer-horse interaction. Both young and old will find this unique presentation entertaining, encouraging, and uplifting. A love offering will be taken for Sermon on the 'Mount'® at each presentation.

Get Ready for A Fun Filled Family Evening! Each presentation is uniquely different so don't miss a night of the Sermon on the Mount® presentation.

"Through his ministry, Sermon on the 'Mount'®, horse trainer and evangelist Lew Sterrett delivers a powerful message of hope for the lost and encouragement for believers. As Lew illustrates God's compassion by reaching out to an unbridled horse, those present will see a refreshing & unique presentation of the salvation story. Don't miss this event."—Mike Jestes, Oklahoma Family Policy Council, Executive Director

"Sermon on the 'Mount'® provided a great example of how God works on us and with us, that spoke to my entire family. All three of my children were able to understand the simple example and the enormous impact. The story of God's love for us and our being obedient to his commands were able to be visualized during the show. The message is age old, told in a refreshing, exciting way. I recommend this to all families no matter what your present situation. Come see God's glory first hand!"—Nathan Dilley, R.N./E.M.T.-P


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