A little info about ChristFocus.com

The mission of ChristFocus.com is to be a tool for Christ to use in helping you begin and/or strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. To accomplish this mission, ChristFocus.com is divided into three parts: evangelization (begin), discipleship training (strengthen), and Christ centered resources (strengthen).

However, since ChristFocus.com is a new ministry, the second and third parts have not yet been fully implemented. Check back in the near future to visit the discipleship center, where you can receive email newsletters that will teach you a Godly, Biblical perspective on topics such as government policy, the Christian life, and more.

If you have any desire to contact ChristFocus.com, please do so! You may either use our web form by clicking here, or the information provided below.

Email at: info@christfocus.com

And, you can send mail to:
520 West Main Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Your inquiry will normally receive a response within 48 hours.